Partly Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs

Dear Rhett,

Between your moving away to Saskatoon and my starting a new job, I figured the only way I’d have any idea what you’re eating for lunch would be to resurrect this blog.

I’ve personally found it difficult to establish a proper lunch routine at the new office, due to a steady stream of lunch invites and general uncertainty about what constitutes an acceptable lunch break. The steady stream of pissing rain has also been a factor. While I ordinarily prefer eating out to dining in, my long-standing aversion to getting wet means I try my best to bring a lunch whenever the weather turns inclement.

Today I played it safe and brought in left-over Spaghetti and Meatballs from earlier in the week. It was OK. It would have been better were I more comfortable standing around in front of the microwave waiting for things to heat up. As it is, I have a three minute rule I adhere to very strictly. Unfortunately, three minutes was about two minutes too few for this meal. Long story short, I ended up eating lukewarm pasta while I stared into the gaping hole of my computer’s monitor.

Hoping your own mid-day meals have been more rewarding.



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