Good morning, Vietnam

Dear Rhett,

Ever since I bought that truck, I’ve been real lazy about riding my bike to work. There’s always some semblance of a reason that keeps me from pedaling in (today I told myself I’d be riding if not for a much-needed trip to the pet store to buy dog food) but if I’m being honest with you, the real reason is that I’m celebrating my new-found freedom from the cafeteria’s pseudo-food.

You probably won’t be surprised by how quickly I got accustomed to picking up real food for lunch. At first, I’d only do so when I was already out and about thrifting, but now lunch has become the main event.

Take today, for instance. While I did pop into the Mennonite Thrift Shop briefly, my real destination was Basil, a Vietnamese place on 32nd Ave NE that Tara reviewed a while back.

I got a marinated meatball sub that tasted nothing like the Subway version that I’m sure you’re thinking about. I briefly thought about eating in the restaurant but then decided against it because I was alone and didn’t want to feel like a loser. Instead I brought it back to my desk and felt like a loser anyway. Such is life.

At any rate, I fear that I’m rambling. Just thought you might be curious as to what I had today for lunch.

Warm regards,


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